Plastering & electrical works

The work on our Infinity building is now evolving very quickly. For example, the outdoor plastering has been finished and we are also finalizing the plastering within the building. In addition, electrical works and the energy-efficient HVAC installation are also progressing well. We literally bring the green electricity that is produced locally to the consumer. Even the cables are green! The planning to be ready by the end of May is still feasible!

Surf to the Infinity page on Facebook for more photos, including 360° images, giving you an even better view of the rapidly evolving works.

Today: Encon & YOUCA

Today, Sarah Claes is working for Encon on YOUCA for a day. Together with Encon, she is thinking about how employees can make the Infinity building, the most sustainable office in Europe, even more sustainable. YOUCA, Youth for Change and Action - formerly Zuiddag - is an organization for and by young people that encourages them to work together towards a sustainable and just society. The wages they earn with this, go to projects of committed young people in El Salvador and to a number of projects in Belgium.


Successful press conference held by children

It was a special press conference this afternoon in Bilzen. No adults beside Minister of Energy Tommelein and Frieda Brepoels, the mayor of Bilzen, or behind the speaker tables during the press conference, but children. First they gave a word of explanation about the building, after which they did reveal a homemade artwork about sustainability and energy. Cherry on the cake was the signature of Tommelein and Brepoels on this artwork. This press conference marked the first tendering of Infinity. Check our aftermovie!


Press conference start of the construction of Infinity from Infinity on Vimeo.

Press conference

Site publishing

Since today you can see a very big poster at our construction site mentioning our partners: architects Mamu Architects and Deusjevoo, Axor and Belemco as contractors and Heedfeld as study agency for innovative techniques. 

Press Conference with Tommelein on May 18th

We are happy to announce that on May 18th 2017, Flemish Minister of Energy Bart Tommelein will be laying the first official stone of Infinity. It will be a great day in the company of the Minister, our mayor Frieda Brepoels and a lot of colleagues and professional partners. It will be the moment to release some more news, but also to toast on a beautiful and succesfull project. More news will follow soon!


Making of: sustainability-artwork by children

Today we welcomed the children of some co-workers and their friends to create an artwork about sustainability and energy. On May 18th while Flemish Minister of Energy will lay the first stone of Infinity, they will reveal it. So, stay tuned to discover this nice piece of art. 

Waste is separated during construction

A sustainable building means also a sustainable site. One of the many aspects of sustainability is wisely handling waste. That’s why waste is separated as far as possible on the site of the Infinity building.