The building of the future

We often read about new ways of working which radically turn shop floor practices upside down. We are convinced that we make a difference for our employees with a lot of small actions, while at the same time acting as a role model for others.

To cite just one example: in recent years, time and distance limitations have been largely overcome, so we are forced to organise and manage knowledge work better by overhauling other things:

  • The physical workplace
  • The structure and culture of organisations
  • The management style
  • The mind-set of knowledge workers and their managers
  • ...

In other words, we not only work on the surface, we also work on the core. For example, we believe in increased autonomy and more flexibility in your workplace (environment) and when and how you work (content). The result of this is that our colleagues can operate more effectively, more efficiently and more enjoyably.

Why are our employees happier?

  • Because our employees are in part able to balance their jobs with their private lives and do not have to spend unnecessary hours in traffic jams.
  • Because it is so much easier to combine their jobs with other roles, such as parent, carer, etc.
  • Because our employees can decide for themselves how, when and where they will do their jobs, they experience more freedom and less stress.

How do we do this?

By offering our employees a better work-life balance, by reducing their daily worries with the provision of additional facilities and support such as:

  • Ironing service: Employees can bring their clean laundry to work and collect it a couple of days later to take home, all neatly ironed.
  • Bread facility: bread dispensers
  • Well-being: fresh fruit and soup, yoga sessions, well-being and healthy cooking workshops

Thanks to these fringe benefits our employees gain extra time and energy for things which really count and thus we can meet the needs of employees who need to travel to our head office.