Infinity, a way of thinking rather than a way of building


Test - Infinity is one of the world's most sustainable building for SME's, proven by the granted BREEAM and LEED certificates. But Infinity is not just a state-of-the art building, it stands for re-thinking the way we think, learn and work in a more sustainable way. We think of Infinity as a mindset, that inspires and informs on how we all can make a difference for our future and that of our children.


Infinity will be the headquarters of Encon

As an independent and specialized agency, Encon is a leader in creative and innovative solutions for energy savings, renewable energy and sustainability projects for industrial companies. Encon wants to be known for their tailor-made, A-Z solutions: from design to practical realisation.

For more information about Encon, please visit our website.

Infinity-building is shaped as a ∞

The form of the building is not accidentally chosen by the architects. The building stands for infinity, sustainability, interaction, openness, perseverance and creativity. That’s why we chose for the shape of a lemniscate to symbolise the infinity future. 

Our goal is to maximize returns through optimal deployment of the infrastructure and the production of renewable energy. That’s why we focus on cost efficiency, integrity and transparency. We are therefore going to build sustainably with an integrated approach with different criteria. This multidimensional approach is not limited to the origin of durable materials, but looks at the overall performance of the building through different categories:

  • Material
  • Management
  • Energy
  • Water
  • Transport
  • Waste
  • Pollution
  • Ecology
  • Health and well-being
  • Innovation

On the page Sustainable in every way you can read more specific about these ten different categories. 

Infinity produces more energy than it will use

Both wind and solar energy are produced onsite. And more: even ice will be used to heat the building. Infinity will therefore not only be carbon neutral, but have a positive carbon dioxide balance. There will be enough renewable energy available to supply to the neighbouring industries. Moreover, the building is designed in such a way that it uses as little energy as possible.

Infinity meets the highest standards of durability

Our efforts will allow Infinity to become the first office building in the world to obtain the combined sustainability certification in BREEAM excellent and LEED gold.

Infinity as a living showroom

As an energy specialist, Encon wants this headquarters to be a signboard for our sustainable solutions. Therefore, the new building will be a live showroom of how companies can build sustainable.

It will become a living lab with the best available techniques, sometimes even installed next to each other, so that interested companies can see the different techniques in practice and can choose what technique fits best in their situation. We see Infinity as a place where we inspire both research as business domains in ecology, energy and best practices of design and building techniques.