Building our wind turbine

Encon started the Infinity project with our very own Encon turbine. For us, it is the start of a new great project: the building of one of the very first SME-buildings in the world that's both LEED and BREEAM certified. This turbine will provide Infinity (and many other industry buildings and households) of pure and clean renewable energy. For us, it's a landmark for our future to come.


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This is the very beginning of a new, great adventure. This is the place where Infinity will be built. Infinity will be one of the first SME-buildings in the world that are both BREEAM and LEED certified. It will be the home of Encon, but for all it is a place where new sustainable projects and ideas will grow and conquer the industry. Infinity is not only the new home of Encon, it will grow to be a landmark and place-to-be for sustainability, for innovators and achievers, in Flanders and beyound.


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